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Emergency Air Conditioning Repair Phoenix

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair in Phoenix

An air conditioning unit is essential in a household or a commercial building because it helps in getting the most comfortable temperature. However, there are instances when the unit fails to function as expected which causes utmost discomfort to users especially during the humid and hot summer season. This is where the best Phoenix AC repair companies come into the picture. These companies are around to offer help to homeowners and building owners whose air conditioning units deliver a poor performance.


Significance of Hiring a Professional Phoenix AC Repair Provider

Your home should be one of those places which can help make you feel comfortable all year round. It is for this reason why investing on an AC unit is now a necessity. Everyone wants to feel utmost comfort when staying in their home. A working air conditioner which delivers excellent performance can offer your desired level of comfort. These appliances are efficient in regulating temperature and making sure that all rooms inside your home offer a nice and comfortable atmosphere.


The units are also valuable in commercial buildings because these can help in making employees feel cozy and comfortable. This is useful in further increasing their productivity. However, when the units start to malfunction, finding a professional Phoenix AC repair provider is usually necessary. It is because professionals in this field are the only ones who can accurately pinpoint the underlying problems and fix them immediately.


One reason, why hiring professional emergency Phoenix AC repair provider is significant, is that this provides an assurance of addressing all the intricate parts of the unit that have already started to wear down. Note that unfixed issues in the most vital components of this appliance can cause its power to drain, raise your electric or energy bills and increase the time needed to produce a comfortable temperature in your home.


It is crucial to contact an AC repair professional right after noticing a sudden increase in your electricity bills and a decrease on the efficiency of the appliance. Seek the help of professionals since this works in sorting out the problems faced by your unit. Another thing that you can do in allowing your unit to maintain its peak performance is to set a schedule for professional maintenance appointments every once in a while.


Take note that even the quickest and smallest maintenance procedures are already valuable in increasing the life of your system. It is because professionally replacing its worn-down components and cleaning up its filters work in improving its ability to function efficiently. These are just few of the things that can be efficiently performed by a good provider of AC repair services.


The services of your chosen AC repair company are also valuable in preventing the negative consequences of an overworked system. Do not overlook the significance of allowing your system to work correctly. Regular appointments with your chosen professional can also help in quickly detecting and repairing even the slightest problems.


This offers protection against costly repairs in the future. Aside from that, keeping your air conditioner running at its peak performance can also help in boosting the comfort level inside your home or office. Professional repair and maintenance, done on a regular basis, can also help in increasing the life span of your unit, thereby ensuring that your entire family or employees will enjoy it for a long time.


Signs that your Air Conditioner Requires Immediate and Professional AC Repair

While there are simple air conditioning problems that can be fixed by the unit’s owner, there are a lot of complex issues that require the proficiency and high level of knowledge of professional technicians to guarantee accurate fixing. Here are a few signs that indicate how important it is to contact a professional Phoenix AC repair provider immediately:


1. Extremely Dirty Filter 

Consider checking the filter of your unit when planning to figure out if a professional repair is necessary. In the majority of cases, an extremely dirty air filter will cause restrictions in the amount of air taken by the system. This poses limitations on its efficiency when cooling your home. Find out if the filter is clean. If it is already dirty, then a wise tip is to replace it. While it is possible to do the replacement on your own, it is still best to hire professionals since they know how to handle this form of problem, thereby preventing the risk of further damaging the system.


2. Produces Funny Noises

Most AC owners have already grown accustomed to the sound of their units. In fact, the sound produced by the system has become a standard background noise in a few households. A lot of people do not even notice the noise anymore. As an AC system owner, make sure to take the time to monitor the noise produced by your own system. It is because there are times when the noise changes which indicates that there is something wrong with the unit.


For instance, a squealing noise signals problems in the belt. Rattling noises, on the other hand, indicate that there are loose parts in the system. When there are significant changes in the sounds produced by your unit, it is advisable to contact an AC repair expert right away to ensure that this can be quickly fixed.


3. Unusual Odors

A properly working air conditioning unit should not be able to produce unwanted and unusual smell. When your air conditioner starts to produce unusual odors, then keep in mind that this means bad news. It is bad financially because this means the need to pay for its repairs. Unusual odors produced by the unit are not also good for your health. The reason behind this is that this sign often indicates problems on the overflow drain triggered by mildew and bacteria.


The presence of these bacteria and mildew is not good for everyone in your household especially for those who have allergies. Allow this problem to be fixed immediately by contacting a reliable AC repair company that takes emergencies, meaning its staff can visit your home to check the problem in the system anytime.


4. The Unit does not Cool

If your unit stops to cool your home, then there is a high possibility that the problem is a malfunctioning compressor. The compressor may malfunction because of a shot into its wire. Another reason why the system stops to provide a cool temperature is its improper installation or the presence of leaks because of a clogged spot. In this case, a professional technician can help. The good thing about working with experts is that they have all the equipment needed to test your unit correctly and detect its faults.


It is also necessary to check if the compressor is running first before contacting your chosen provider of AC repairs in Phoenix. An indication that the compressor is running is when the rear part of the unit produces sound. If no sound comes out, then it is time to report the problem to an expert. Just remember that the replacement of a damaged compressor is quite expensive.


5. Inconsistent Temperature

This sign involves huge changes in the air temperature given by an air handler. If this is the case, then the calibration of the thermostat is often necessary. Remember that only the most experienced and trained professionals are the ones who can efficiently handle the required adjustment. Thermostat replacement may be necessary based upon the condition of your system’s parts and connections and its age. The replacement is often essential in accurately gauging air temperature.


6. Produces Stale or Warm Air

The central function of air conditioner is to blow cool air all throughout the area where it is installed. If it starts to blow stale or warm air, then this is a sign that it is already problematic. A unit, which produces stale or warm air, indicates that its evaporator coils start to freeze. While there are homeowners who are capable of thawing their units and bring back their ability to produce cold air, keep in mind that it is already necessary to contact a professional AC repair company if the problem takes place more than once. If frozen coil is not the cause of the problem, then contacting a professional is also essential in getting an accurate diagnosis.


Aside from the above mentioned signs, it is also necessary to be familiar about the indications that an emergency cleaning for your unit’s drain line is already very important. A sign of this problem is a non-functional unit. Other signs of a damaged drain line are water leaks coming from your attic or ceiling, moisture in various parts of your house and awful smell produced by the unit. These are signs that indicate your need to contact a professional for the repairs. Do this as early as possible to prevent the problem from becoming worse and affecting the entire unit.


How to Choose the Best Emergency Phoenix AC Repair Company?

If you want to restore the good condition of your air conditioner, then choosing the best emergency Phoenix AC repair company is a must. It is advisable to include in your choices the most experienced, and reputable Phoenix AC repair companies since they can offer a hundred percent assurance that the services they will provide are top quality. Below are few tips that are helpful in making the process of selection as easy as possible:


1. Request for a Quote

If possible, ask for quotes from numerous providers of professional AC repair services. Do not just ask for a quote from one company. Multiple quotes from various reliable providers or companies can help in viewing the services offered and determining if their charges are reasonable. If possible, request for “no obligations quotes” from at least three companies. Note that asking for discounts is also valuable in getting the most reasonable price for the service.


2. Work with a Licensed Company

Your choice for an air conditioning repair contractor should be someone who has the necessary licenses to operate legally in Phoenix. Make sure that the company is also registered, on the governing bodies in your state, to ensure that it has a professional team who can offer help regardless of the problem faced by your air conditioner. Working with a company which has a full insurance coverage is also crucial in protecting your best interests.


3. Find a Company which can Offer a Detailed Work Proposal

Your chosen emergency Phoenix AC repair provider should be someone who is willing to offer a detailed work proposal to his clients. The proposal should highlight every aspect related to the project, including their scope of work. The provided proposal should include everything that is useful in completing the tasks based on the agreement. These include the necessary repairs, needed equipment and the replacement parts to use.


4. Assess the Value of their Service

When choosing an AC repair expert who is capable of handling emergencies, make sure to assess the value of their offered services, instead of making a decision solely on the cost. This means that your choice should have the ability to provide real value for the money spent on the repairs. Note that while it is a good idea to enjoy great financial savings for the repair, it is not wise to sacrifice the quality of the equipment used and the offered services. Choosing a company which cannot deliver excellent services might also result to spending additional amount in the long run.


5. Check References

Before hiring a contractor who provides services related to AC repair, it is advisable to request for a list of references or names of previous customers. Contacting or dealing with these references can help in verifying the ability of the contractor to deliver the best service. Give the past customers of the company a call to figure out how its team helped them in solving the problems in their air conditioners.



It is possible to avoid emergency or costly repairs for commercial and residential air conditioning units if homeowners and commercial, business owners make it a point to keep up with maintenance. Regular maintenance appointments are necessary in catching a problem before it takes place. Just make sure to choose an AC repair company that takes emergencies to ensure the timely fixing of the problems of your system.

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